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How we got started: I saw this picture on the internet of a cute wine table and I said Hon, can you make me this for when we go camping? Within an hour or two he had a prototype made but he changed it to what he felt made it unique for our needs. We showed some friends and they said "OH, Make me one!" Then the fun really started... We started out with a round table top, then I said let's do a square one.
Then we came up with the 4 legged stool like "wine" table that we can use in the motor home and took them to a local craft fair at a winery here in Southern California and they sold out the first day!
While at the craft fair someone mentioned you need something like your wine table but for the dinner table... hence our wine and our new Champagne/White Wine caddies.
We just started this adventure in May of 2015 and since we have sold and shipped over 100 pieces of our handmade cedar wine tables and caddies. So.... let the fun begin and I hope you enjoy your purchase from D&C Designs.

Meet Doug: Not afraid to do anything with his hands - I married a man that can do it all. Built two custom street rods - painted them and won national awards, restored an 1890's Victorian home, moved walls, drywall, wallpaper, electrical, painting, plumbing, custom iron gates, welds, etc. So we are a TEAM... it's whatever WE can dream up... he can build it!
This man is not a Master Woodworker - he's a Master Husband!

Update: August, 2020 During the pandemic when we all had to stay home, we got a pontoon boat. The two of us in the middle of the lake and doing some fishing and just getting out of the house. We purchased the standard white plastic pontoon table and it worked... but I wanted something FUN! Our RV has this drop leaf table and we took that idea and made it just smaller, to what we have today. We are having fun making these custom tables for pontoon and boat across the USA. April, 2021: We have now shipped our new Pontoon Boat tables to buyers in over 21 States.... goal is 49!

Please note: We do not ship to Hawaii or Alaska.

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